Below are summaries of two conservation easements that BRF acquired based on negotiated agreements with the landowners. Easements like these can protect the Buffalo's natural, historic, and scenic values while respecting landowners' long-term needs.

Gossett Hollow easement. The Gossett Hollow easement comprises 120 acres of a wooded, steep-sided hollow. The property is located on Highway 43 across from the Ponca Wilderness area of the Buffalo National River. Gossett Hollow drains to the Buffalo River. The easement prohibits alteration of the natural water courses and protects the forest canopy, which lies within full view of Highway 43. Conservative select-cut of mature timber and recreational vehicle use are both allowed. The easement also allows the construction of a house at the upper end of the property, beyond the view of the highway. This land easement provides for the protection of a scenic view when entering the Boxley Valley and also protects the headwaters of a tributary creek. In addition, the easement provides habitat for various animal and plant communities.

Manes Bluff The Manes Bluff easement includes 32 acres on an old farmstead that adjoins the Buffalo National River. The property is crossed by a county road into the park and is overlooked by Point Peter, which lies within the park boundaries. The property has a springfed creek that drains into the River. The easement provides for specific controls, that were desired by the landowner to protect water quality, woodlands, wildlife, historic features (including original rock walls from the pioneer era), views from the public road, and the view from Point Peter. Agricultural uses are provided for in the easement, such as converting overgrown fields into pasture for cattle or horses. The easement also allows construction of new buildings beyond view of the road. This easement embodies the BRF's commitment to protecting scenic views, wildlife and historical features while accommodating the specific needs of a landowner.